In a significant stride towards speeding up the emergency response to large-scale disasters and global development in remote areas, UK-based drone specialist UAVaid team up with I-CONIC Vision to develop solutions that will provide responders and NGOs with faster creation of large maps and Rapid Area Modelling.

Typically, current methods can take days to create large 3D digital models of the landscape.  However, with this partnering of technologies, near real-time assessments will become a reality, significantly enhancing emergency response to ultimately save more lives and speeding up the delivery of development projects.

This dynamic partnership harnesses the synergies of UAVaid’s drone technologies and established presence, and I-CONIC Vision’s near real-time 3D processing software.

Daniel Ronen, co-founder of UAVaid Ltd., expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to leverage technology for the betterment of society. By integrating our expertise with I-CONIC’s, we aim to revolutionize disaster response, making it faster, more efficient, and ultimately more life-saving.”

Mikael Stern, CEO of I-CONIC Vision, echoed the sentiment, saying, “We are excited to join hands with UAVaid in this transformative venture. Their aerial drones and rural-context experience are the ideal platforms for partnering with our unique software technology.”