Experience and Vision

I-CONIC Vision AB is a Swedish start-up with the ambition to revolutionize how video is processed and how video can be perceived and utilized. Håkan Wiman and Mikael Stern conceived the concept of real-time, real-world 3D and 4D in early 2018.

The first software packages were developed 2018-2019 under a grant from the Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, and the project resulted in a successful proof-of-concept of the technology. I-CONIC was established in September 2019.

The two founders were joined in mid-2020 by Helén Rost. These three members of the management team all have PhDs in image processing fields and have earlier start-up experience. While Håkan and Helén have continued to excel in advanced photogrammetry solutions for software packages that are being used around the globe, Mikael has a long international career on C-level in the space and remote sensing industries.

In addition to the employees, I-CONIC have, and will continue to have, additional support from consultants, primarily for technical development. The company also have excellent support from the Chairman of the Board, as well as from an Advisory Board consisting of very experienced industrial leaders.

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The core team

Mikael Stern
CEO, co-founder


Helén Rost
Senior Developer, co-owner


Håkan Wiman
CTO, co-founder


Bo C Johanson
Chairman of the Board

Advisory Board

Ólafur Steindórsson
Wistrand Advokatbyrå

Lars Appelstål
Lars Appelstål Consulting

Nils-Robert Persson

What’s in a name?

 I-CONIC Vision 

 i  as in eye; as in the visual impression of video
 conic  as in conic, the intersection of a plane and a cone, which is central in computer vision
 iconic  as in acknowledged for distinctive excellence; as in the WOW feeling of 3D vision; and from now on — 4D vision
 vision  as in visual perception
 vision  as in farsightedness