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Let’s get techie!

I-CONIC’s 4D solution is based on  simultaneous video from two or more drones,  although it works also for videos from satellite, aircraft or on the ground. We have applied for a patent for 4D solutions based on moving cameras.
We’re planning to launch our first 4D software products in the second half 2020. But already early 2020 we will release our Video Stereoscope software, which transforms 2D video clips into 3D (stereo) video.
1712, 2020

The Video Stereoscope

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Many, many years ago I was allowed to use the university’s old Wild B8S stereoplotter for different projects. It literally opened my eyes to the value of stereo viewing. In addition to the possibility of creating topographic contour lines, the identification of objects on the ground between the trees was very much easier through stereo viewing. Exact height measurements of individual rocks was suddenly possible. Some people might remember the Viewmaster stereoscope, where you could watch pictures of tourist attractions in stereo. That was probably the most common stereoscopic instrument for the general public. Then came 3D cinema and VR [...]

2111, 2020

Photogrammetry and videogrammetry

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Photogrammetry basically means measuring in photographs. The main application is to create topographic maps from overlapping aerial photos. Over almost a century, analogue stereo photographs were used for the manual measurements of topography for maps – a very expensive and time-consuming procedure. It was important to minimize the number of photographs. Typically, an overlap of 60% within strips and 20% between strips was used. Since two decades digital cameras and automatic photogrammetric measurements have been used. Adding more images is cheap. However, processing all the images still takes quite some time. Furthermore, even with an increased typical overlap of 80%, [...]

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