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Real-time, real-world 3D and 4D models from video

Our patent-applied technology enables real-time generation of 3D models not only of static objects, but also moving objects and events. Because in our world things happen!

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Space and drone video in 3D cinema (world premiere?)

June 16, 2020. Today, I-CONIC rented a 3D cinema in Stockholm to show customers, investors, family and friends how far we have come with our technology, and where we are headed with our solutions development and business. The guests were shown how we, with real-time photogrammetry, [...]

Expanding the team

May 12, 2020. Dr Helén Rost is joining I-CONIC’s core team as a Co-owner and Senior Developer. We are SO proud! Helén is one of Sweden’s leading photogrammetry experts, focusing on point clouds. She has for example developed methods and software for laser strip adjustment as [...]

Sony chose I-CONIC

May 7, 2020. 500 startups applied, 70 were interviewed, but only about 15 startups were finally selected for the evaluation process in Sony’s accelerator program. I-CONIC was one of them! The next step is a virtual workshop where Sony will engage the selected startups in the areas [...]

I-CONIC selected for the finals of Startup Competition

April 16, 2020. I-CONIC and five other companies were chosen out of nearly 40 companies running for Wistrand Startup Star competition, WSUS. The selection was made on for example the team, uniqueness, customer benefit and market potential. The winner will be announced later in April. www.wistrand.se

I-CONIC’s YouTube channel launched

Jan 27, 2020. Today we took the first small steps demonstrating what our technology will be capable of. We have started a YouTube channel with some examples from our Video Stereoscope software.  You can see them here. We are strong believers in the usefulness of stereo [...]

European Space Agency BIC picks I-CONIC

Dec 20, 2019. European Space Agency’s Business Incubator Sweden has decided to support I-CONIC’s product development. During one year in the incubator, I-CONIC will continue its development of 3D and 4D video software modules. One example is the possibility to generate 3D (stereo) vision from ‘normal’ [...]

The 4D video revolution

I-CONIC Vision AB is a new Swedish start-up company aiming to become the core of the 4D video revolution. In a 4D video you can move freely in the three dimensions of space, plus in the time domain. It is like a computer game where you move in an animated world – but with the exception that this a 4D model of the real world, created in real-time. You can enjoy it in real-time, we then call it 3DLive, or you can use it for replays or analytics afterwards.

This technology will reshape how video can depict the world! The TV world call the possibilities ‘free viewpoint TV’, and in the computer gaming industry some people are talking about ‘animated reality’.

I-CONIC’s 4D solution is based on simultaneous video from two or more drones, although it works also for videos from satellite, aircraft or on the ground. We have applied for a patent for 4D solutions based on moving cameras.

We’re planning to launch our first 4D software products in the second half 2020. But already early 2020 we will release our Video Stereoscope software, which transforms 2D video clips into 3D (stereo) video.

Let’s get techie!

Stereo pair from videos of a fire, filmed by two drones.

Each pair of time synchronized video frames from the two drones is matched and resampled to stereo/epipolar geometry in real time using GPU acceleration. Simultaneously, a 3D point cloud is generated.

With this new technology a field fire department officer will get a complete understanding on what going on at the fire site and also what it looked like minutes earlier and from any point of view; the security officer could get similar information about a crowd outside a football stadium; defence operators could get an improved understanding of what is going on at the other side of the hill; movie makers and advertisement producers would get new tools to create artistic works with; researchers can study natural events, like rivers/waves, trees, animals and other moving objects in ways that have not been possible before; and the general public could create their own 4D video clip mimicking famous scenes from “The Matrix”.

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Mikael Stern

CEO, co-founder


Helén Rost

Senior Developer, co-owner


Håkan Wiman

CTO, co-founder



Mikael Stern

The Video Stereoscope

Many, many years ago I was allowed to use the university’s old Wild B8S stereoplotter for different projects. It literally opened my eyes to the value of stereo viewing. In addition to the possibility of creating topographic contour lines, the identification of objects on the ground between the trees was very much easier through stereo viewing. Exact height measurements of individual rocks was suddenly possible.
Some people might remember the Viewmaster stereoscope, where you could watch pictures of tourist attractions  in stereo. That was probably the most common stereoscopic instrument for the general public. Then came 3D cinema and VR glasses.
We are strong believers in the usefulness of stereo viewing also for many types of professional applications. Manual inspection, monitoring and measuring will benefit from stereo viewing. That is why I-CONIC is developing software to enable stereo viewing and measurement, primarily using video. We call it the Video Stereoscope.
The input data to the Video Stereoscope can be one normal 2D view from a moving video camera, or it can also be simultaneous video streams from two different video cameras. In either case the target is seen from different viewing angles.
To create a pleasant stereo view, the stereo pairs have to be processed through so-called epipolar resampling. All the processing in the Video Stereoscope is done in real-time, which means that it would be possible to use the technology in the field. For example, foresters working with a drone, could through their VR/AR glasses improve inspection quality or measure vegetation remotely.
Watch an example here.
I-CONIC’s Video Sterescope software modules will be released in the Spring 2020. If you are interested in integrating the technology in your own systems or services, please contact us.



Håkan Wiman

Photogrammetry and videogrammetry

Photogrammetry basically means measuring in photographs. The main application is to create topographic maps from overlapping aerial photos. Over almost a century, analogue stereo photographs were used for the manual measurements of topography for maps – a very expensive and time-consuming procedure. It was important to minimize the number of photographs. Typically, an overlap of 60% within strips and 20% between strips was used.
Since two decades digital cameras and automatic photogrammetric measurements have been used. Adding more images is cheap. However, processing all the images still takes quite some time. Furthermore, even with an increased typical overlap of 80%, details of objects may be occluded.
I-CONIC provides the solution of the future using real-time videogrammetry. Videos with 30 frames per second or more provide extreme amounts of image data, while processing on GPU enables real time processing. The 3D and 4D information can be generated while the flying vehicle is still in the air. It is photogrammetry on steroids. And real-time videogrammetry can be used for sports, entertainment, science and so much more than topographic maps.

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