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Real-time, real-world 3D and 4D models from video

Why are 3D models static, and why is processing so slow – when they don’t have to be?
At I-CONIC we develop GPU-based software for real-time video processing.
We invented the solution for Live 3D (or 4D, where the fourth dimension is time), but our software technology can also be used to generate “normal” static 3D in real-time.
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We make it possible

 3D modelling from multiple drones  with synchronised video feeds makes it possible to create a 4D model – a time-dependant 3D model. Also moving and changing objects are then modelled. It is like in a computer game where you move in an animated world – but in a  model of the real world , created in real-time. We prefer to call it  Live3D.
As far as we know, I-CONIC is the first mover globally on real-time 3D modelling from drone video, and the application process to patent our concept started several years ago.

We make it possible through challenging some common practices in current photogrammetry:

  • We use video.
  • We are completely GPU focused.
  • We combine advanced photogrammetric mathematics with computer vision.
  • Metadata is not needed to create models (but of course for georeferencing).
  • Our concept includes video from multiple and synchronised platforms, for example drone swarms.

We are creating actionable information through 3D models produced and visualised at video rate:

  • Instant 3D models.
  • Instant stereoscopic viewing, also from 2D video.
  • Instant 3D measurements, also automatic.
  • Can use video from different platforms: satellites, drones, aircraft, etc.
  • Can be used for online remote monitoring and operations.
  • Do not require expensive hardware.
  • Complementing other technologies.
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Our GPU software will support a number of user segments and applications

Near-term – Instant3D (static models)

  • Mapping, measurements
  • Inspection, monitoring
  • Forestry
  • Emergency Services
  • Public Safety

Later – Live3D (including also moving objects )

  • Blue-light authorities and defence
  • Entertainment
More about our technology