I-CONIC has recently won two contracts on developing and testing software for on-board processing of satellite imagery. One is for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) with the goal to demonstrate near real-time processing of satellite images into 3D models. The second contract, with the Swedish National Space Agency (Rymdstyrelsen), regards a more general image engine for fast on-board processing. The latter contract includes tests on real satellite hardware, provided by Unibap.

The two projects differ in content, however they are related in technology and the problem they are addressing. Two major issues inhibit efficient satellite image analysis workflows:

  1. too long time between data capture and analysis
  2. too large datasets for efficient downloading to ground stations.

I-CONIC’s software will facilitate further on-board analyses through fast georeferencing and ortho-rectification, based on surface models (DSM) created from the data or from uploaded terrain models (DTM).