I-CONIC ports their innovative software to SpaceCloud

SpaceCloud is receiving increased interest from application developers. This shows in their active participation in our SpaceCloud Training sessions as well as the successful implementation of  the L3Harris Geospatial ENVI/IDL Software suite in cooperation with Saraniasat. Now we can share a collaboration with I-CONIC Vision implementing their innovative software for remote monitoring with real-time 3D.
– Unibap have a very interesting platform in SpaceCloud Framework, and we have a software that originally is developed for drone technology but have interesting implementations in satellites. I have been working in the space sector all of my life, and know of the great challenges with downlinking Terabytes of data to Earth to be processed, which is both expansive and tedious. With our software implemented in SpaceCloud, it can on-orbit process video to 3D-models of forests, cities or other objects that are constantly changing. Thus satellites can instead downlink actionable data in form of a 3D-model, says Mikael Stern, CEO at I-CONIC Vision.In what situations can this be helpful? 
– I think there is a lot of possible uses of this technology on-orbit. One example is the disastrous natural disaster in Himalaya with a glacier collapse. If our technology had been implemented we could process video on-orbit creating a realtime 3D-model of the disaster that could be downlinked. This of course give unique benefits for rescue teams and others.
Tell us more about the project?
– The project is a threeway collaboration between us at I-CONIC, Unibap and a group of talented students from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. This collaboration will be a proof of concept, and with an easier but still powerful scope, showing that satellite 2D-video can be presented in stereo. Next possible step is to implement our high end software that generate 3D models in real-tim