The Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, has awarded I-CONIC and Tyréns a grant for a one-year project on ‘Real-time 3D for Monitoring of Hazardous Areas and Events’.

Video and imagery from drones are increasingly used for 2D or 3D. However, this process is today too slow to let the 3D models influence the route planning, image capture or to make quick decisions about the activities in the field, which is especially important in hazardous areas.

The project will use I-CONIC’s unique software technology to generate 3D models in real-time from video and apply the technology to solutions that can be used for daily operations at Tyréns.

Video from drones is downlinked, transferred, and processed in real-time into 3D models and automatic measurements and analyses. With instant visualization in 3D, decision makers can take immediate decisions on further image capture as well as increase safety through better guidance for the fieldwork in hazardous areas. In addition, the solution will augment the documentation of the event.

The expected result of the project is applications at Tyréns that are tested and evaluated in the field.

Tyréns AB: