Today we took the first small steps demonstrating what our technology will be capable of. We have started a YouTube channel with some examples from our Video Stereoscope software.  You can see them here.

We are strong believers in the usefulness of stereo viewing also for many types of professional applications. Manual inspection, monitoring and measuring will benefit from stereo viewing. That is why I-CONIC is developing software to enable stereo viewing and measurement, primarily using video. The input data to the Video Stereoscope can be one normal 2D view from a moving video camera, or it can also be simultaneous video streams from two different video cameras. In either case the target is seen from different viewing angles.

To create a pleasant stereo view, the stereo pairs have to be processed through so-called epipolar resampling. All the processing in the Video Stereoscope is done in real-time, which means that it would be possible to use the technology in the field.

I-CONIC’s Video Stereoscope software modules will be released in the Spring 2020. If you are interested in integrating the technology in your own systems or services, please contact us.