I-CONIC Vision develops  unique GPU software  for real-time video and image processing. Functionalities include for example real-time 3D models and 3D stereo viewing. The latest version of our API is always documented here.
On this page you will also find other technical documents, links and more details on our software technology. If you have any questions, please contact us!


I-CONIC API covers C++ (CPU) and OpenCL (GPU) libraries for image and video analysis, computer vision, and photogrammetry.

If you are interested in integrating our libraries into your own solutions, please contact us at:

I-CONIC API documentation

I-CONIC Studio

I-CONIC Studio is a sample application using the I-CONIC API. I-CONIC Studio produces stereo videos, depth maps and 3D point clouds from videos and still images in real time. It also includes a module for bundle adjustment (aka block triangulation).

If you are interested in using or creating applications like I-CONIC Studio, please contact us at:

I-CONIC Studio documentation