I-CONIC API  1.1.28
C++ and OpenCL API for real time, real world 3D and 4D models
I-CONIC Real time videogrammetry API


This documentation covers a set of I-CONIC C++ (CPU) and OpenCL (GPU) libraries for image and video analysis, computer vision, and photogrammetry.

A compiled version of this README file and the API is available online here. You can compile the documentation with doxygen by running the doc/iconic.doxygen file in doxywizard.


IconicGpu includes GPU contexts, images, buffers and a set of OpenCL kernels for various tasks including image filtering and generic least squares adjustment.

Refer to IconicGpu.


IconicVideo primarily contains interfaces for decoding and encoding video and still images to and from files and streams, also over the network. Decoders and encoders are implemented as plugins. There are currently four decoders and one encoder implemented. You can add your own plugin without recompiling any I-CONIC libraries.

Refer to IconicVideo.


IconicMatch contains algorithms for GPU based image matching. It also contains Image data container, which is convinient for storing and reusing images and other data on GPU and GPU processor which contains a vector of image data containers and operates on them, e.g. by matching images.

Refer to IconicMatch.


IconicSensor includes algorithms for block triangulation a.k.a bundle adjustment and various image-to-object transformations.

Refer to IconicSensor.

Install and build

Refer to Installation.