The 4D video revolution

I-CONIC Vision AB is a new Swedish start-up company aiming to become the core of the 4D video revolution.  In a 4D video you can move freely  in the three dimensions of space, plus in the time domain. It is like a computer game where you move in an animated world – but with the exception that this a  4D model of the real world  created in real-time. You can enjoy it in real-time, we then call it 3DLive, or you can use it for replays or analytics afterwards.

Stereo pair from videos of a fire, filmed by two drones.

Each pair of time synchronized video frames from the two drones is matched and resampled to stereo/epipolar geometry in real time using GPU acceleration. Simultaneously, a 3D point cloud is generated.

With this new technology a field fire department officer will get a complete understanding on what going on at the fire site and also what it looked like minutes earlier and from any point of view; the security officer could get similar information about a crowd outside a football stadium; defence operators could get an improved understanding of what is going on at the other side of the hill; movie makers and advertisement producers would get new tools to create artistic works with; researchers can study natural events, like rivers/waves, trees, animals and other moving objects in ways that have not been possible before; and the general public could create their own 4D video clip mimicking famous scenes from “The Matrix”.

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The core team

Mikael Stern
CEO, co-founder

Helén Rost
Senior Developer, co-owner

Håkan Wiman
CTO, co-founder

Bo C Johanson
Chairman of the Board

Advisory Board

Ólafur Steindórsson
Wistrand Advokatbyrå

Lars Appelstål
Lars Appelstål Consulting

Nils-Robert Persson