I-CONIC Vision has, together with Spacemetric, won a contract on autonomous navigation independent of GNSS within the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration’s military innovation program.

The project will investigate different methods for GNSS-free drone navigation over longer distances. One of the methods is built on I-CONIC’s real-time photogrammetry software.

Currently, a common way to find a solution for GNSS-free navigation is real-time image matching between a reference orthophoto and a new image from the drone. However, as clearly seen in the example above (A+B), lighting and season differences make it more or less impossible. As seen to the right above (C+D), differences between 3D point clouds are very much smaller.

I-CONIC’s software can create 3D point clouds in real-time from drone images/videos.

(Reference data from Lantmäteriet)